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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Habbatus sauda list of product

There are 3 types of product category :
2.Beauty product
3.External use

1.1 ~ Consumption

- Adogga ~ It is traditionally used by men for overall health and vitality

-Damer ~ It is traditionally used by women for overall health and vitality

-Svedia As ~ It is traditionally used to releive gastrointestinal discomfort, sinus, heartburn.
Good for mother in confinement.

-Grypand ~ It is traditionally used to alleviate pains in joints and bones.

-Svedia Prim~ Good for newborn baby for overall health and mental development

Trean ~ help to reduce body weight and tackle diabetic problem
effectively. Good in reducing cholestrol.

Pure Mountain Honey ~ 100% organic and from the mountain. Good for health. Last more
than5 years without any change in colour & taste (from middle east)

2.1 ~ Beauty Product

Lovand ~ For normal skin type

~ For oily skin type

The unique ingredient used in the clenser effectively moisturizes as it clenses without

stripping skin natural protective film. Leaving skin feeling fairer, refresh & renewed.

3.1 ~ External Use

Habba Oil ~ To relieve muscle and joint pain

Prossit ~ Nose drop for sinus

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